Saturday, March 13, 2010

Enjoying Saturday

Today Steve and I had a fun time with Jack at Minto-Brown Park. I was so happy he got to come along this time! We really wore Jack out.

Jack in hot pursuit of his favorite toy - the tennis ball. See it?

Jack got so tired, but he always came back for more. He loves to play. He met another puppy today and was licked in the ear. He wasn't a huge fan of that. He prefers his toys over meeting new friends. Silly boy.

While we were walking, I saw this furry thing. At first I thought it was a giant caterpillar. Then a mouse. Then I realized it was a tiny, little mole! So cute! I petted him and Steve and I traded holding Jack so he could see it too. Jack just wanted to pounce on it. Steve let Jack sniff it, but didn't let him touch it.

Thanks to my sister, Julie, Steve got this awesome t-shirt for a great deal! He's planning to wear it tonight when we go over to his parents for game night! Fun fun! Thanks, Jules!

We're currently watching "Where The Wild Things Are". Very unique, fun movie. I can see why my nephew loved it so much and wanted to be Max for Halloween. Love you, Eric!

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