Thursday, March 4, 2010

Staying Busy

Today is Steve's third day on his new schedule of four 10-hour shifts. His attitude toward it is evolving. At 6am, he doesn't like it very much. On Monday, he loves it since that's his new day off. Another one of his least favorite parts of the day is when the clock hits 10pm and his wife starts giving him reminders that bedtime is a half hour away. Then fifteen minutes. Then two minutes. I laugh when I see him start to wriggle in his beanbag chair as he plays a video game. He reminds me of a little kid, "Just a few more minutes! I almost have the hippo!" Mind you, the 10:30pm was his choice. I'm just being his help meet. haha ;)

Today I'm going to try something new. Our church was damaged a few weeks ago when some water pipes burst, on two separate occasions. The fellowship hall had to be gutted. New ceiling, walls, flooring. It was sort of a blessing in disguise. It's great to have the opportunity to remodel and update some things, but it's a lot of hard work and there's been frustration dealing with contractors, as there always is. Today I get the opportunity to help out with the repairs. I may try my hand at tiling the floor, maybe some painting, and whatever else I'm needed for. I figure it's a great opportunity to learn some new skills to use when and if the Lord blesses Steve and I with a house.

Praise God for creating us as adaptable creatures with such an amazing ability to learn.

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