Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever has hit our home. There's so much I want to share, I might have to make more than one post.

Yesterday I veered the shopping cart back outside the store and gave into the temptation of two primroses. My planter by the front door was looking awful, so I ripped out all the old stuff, turned up the soil and planted these two gorgeous pink primroses.

I also picked up some Early Girl tomato seeds and a Northwest mix of wildflowers.

I almost bought some jiffy pots for starting the tomato seeds, but the $8 price tag deterred me. Then I found this great video online for making your own seed-starting pots from black & white newspaper! All you need is a straight-edge glass and some newspaper. Amazing!

This is what our patio looks like now. There are some plants that are still alive, like the thyme and some flowers, but most of it needs to be refreshed and replanted with some new life.

I'm hoping to till up the beds and plant wildflowers so we can have fresh-cut flowers in the house most of the summer and also to brighten up the patio.

The chicks and hens made it through the winter just fine and are loving their space in the garden. It makes me so happy to see something thriving in MY garden! haha

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